We are now known as:

Healthy Body Healthy Mind Therapies

and we are located at:

Clayhall, IG5

Tel:   07770 666429

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Here are just some of a few testimonials which a few of my clients were kind to enough to provide me with.

Diane Wynne-Fitzgerald 
Co-ordinator of the Arthritis Support Network, formerly The King George Hospital Rheumatology Support Group
Our members find Lucy to be very caring as well as highly professional.  She provides that extra little TLC and her treatments give a welcome relief for a while from the burden of arthritis. We especially recommend the various massages and a session of reflexology."


Elaine O - fellow therapist
As a therapist, I understand about the importance of looking after oneself.  So once a month I have a Hot Stone Massage to undo the tightness in my shoulders and lower back and also for relaxation purposes.

Mr Jeff L - Client
I always find the Reflexology treatments which Lucy provides incredibly relaxing. She makes me feel at ease and is very caring and considerate.

Mr M. R - Client 
The nature of my job means I sit for long periods of time at my desk, so I receive regular treatments from Lucy of Indian Head Massage and Reflexology to keep my shoulders and back supple.

Mrs L. W - Client
I have weekly Reflexology treatments to alleviate stress and enhance my "feel good factor"!

Miss R. M - Client
I come to Lucy monthly as she does a wonderful Hot Stone Massage which I need to breakdown the knots in my shoulder and back muscles.  I would be in so much pain if I did not have my regular treatments which also relax me.

Miss P. B - Client
I have had treatments from Lucy for years - starting off as her "Case Study" throughout all her training.  I now regularly receive Aromatherapy Massages to keep my migraines at bay.  Working in the City in a busy, stressful environment, my back and shoulders get very tight and tense and if left for too long without a treatment, I suffer excrutiating headaches and migraines. 

 Mrs M. S. - Client
As an ME sufferer, I have received real benefits from regular therapy sessions with Lucy Howe. My severe muscle pain and sore joints have improved greatly and I feel an increased sense of well-being overall.